Rest in Peace Tom Petty

Tom Petty was an inspiration and a gifted muscian


Bibiyan Family Foundation Celebrates Six Years 

They say one must not trumpet their charity, however the team at BFPF have much to be proud about. In only six short years they have donated over six figures to various causes and highlighted some of the most creative companies using innovation for social good. 

The BFPF award for social good is now highly coveted and the award winners go through careful selection. From major companies to young upstarts, the BFPF team awards those that can leverage technology to better the world around them. “We thank everyone that has supported our cause. From signing up at our social media profiles, to joining our email list giving back has been the joy of a lifetime.”

Tom Bibiyan on Will Sean Podcast?

tom bibiyan

Tom Bibiyan, independent film producer kicks off our second season with tales from the trenches. He tells us why a nice boy making a good living in the finance industry would want to jump in to a documentary about Transgender culture. Spoiler alert – the answer is money. JJ Abrams is directing the new Star Wars! The Superb Owl is this Sunday! Dogs learning how to drive! So many things to be excited about…or not…we really don’t care. (Please love us).

Bibiyan Family Philanthropic Foundation Now Accepting 2012 Applicants for Highly Coveted BFPF Award

The BFPF Award for Social Good will be awarded annually to Social Media and High Tech companies that manage to leverage the social web and new media to effectively bring about meaningful change via charitable causes or other non-profit means.


Says Founder Tom Bibiyan “We want to hear from other innovative companies that are really using the web make a difference. If you think your company has what it takes, we’d love to hear from you.”

Interested parties and companies may submit their creative concept for social good via the website at ; Please make sure to include a short synopsis and link in your submission.

About Bibiyan Family Philanthropic Foundation

Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, the Bibiyan Family Philanthropic Foundation works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives.